SpellAd is a team of innovators who are designers, developers, IT geeks, and marketers, We come from diverse backgrounds and professional experiences but have a shared passion for building digital experiences that connect brands with their distinct audience.
We appreciate that all technology emerges from -and must drive- a real-world business, we love to pay attention to the finest detail in every single project we take, with more than 100 projects for more than 50 clients.


It is interesting to note how far web development has come in the last decade. From being the province of elite technology nerds to more cross-disciplinary teams of psychologists, sociologists, behavioral scientists, artists, and designers. The web has come of age.

Our philosophy of web development has as much to do with technology as it has to do with cultures.
Technology can be automated but cultures can only be expressed through refined visual intelligence. We merge the creativity and the analytical to weave the web experience that delights your users.

Web Application

The web developers and designers at SpellAd have decades of combined experience working on large scale web portals and government projects. We have delivered web applications that scale seamlessly to millions of users across the entire spectrum of desktop and mobile browsers. Large-scale projects have unique challenges in terms of continuous integration, project management, cloud architecture and user experience. The SpellAd team has successfully delivered complex web applications with multiple stakeholders from planning to product launch.

Mobile App Development

Successful businesses know where to reach their customers. Since everyone uses mobile phones today, a well-designed mobile app places your products and services in the palm of your consumers’ hands. Mobile apps developed at Dtech are accessible across multiple platforms, provide an intuitive user experience and address the business needs of each client.

Our mobile app development teams design custom applications and mobile strategies after carefully considering your goals and targeted users. We specialize in developing the right content and tools that deliver exceptional user experience and place your business in the most profitable position. Our experienced engineering team can deliver an exception app on time and on budget.


Delivering high production value for your film production is our mission. We are specialists in high-gloss motion graphic and online helper.
We have a committed and energetic approach, making the most of each project’s time & budgetary constraints.


Our graphic designers are creativity transformers. Do you want to know what does that mean?
Well, They basically transform your thoughts, ideas, vision, goals, and your point of view into a simple creative visual image that can be understood by anyone.
We know that your image is important, so we ensure your intended message is effectively conveyed to your client.